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" I asked. "No, nothing about that. But there is something else that I have found out,"

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he added, after a moment—"something that leads to Wilford's office." Kennedy was intere


sted in a moment. We had been so occupied with the case that we had not even a chance to g

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o down there yet, although that would have been one of the first things to do, ordinarily,

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unless, as in this case, we were almost certain that the ransacking of Doyle and Leslie had destroyed those first clues that come only when one is called immediately on a case. "I've been looking about the place," went on Leslie, encouraged by Kennedy's interest. "I knew you'd be busy with other things. Well, I've discovered one of the other tenants in the [135] building who did not leave his office on the same floor until jus

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t after seven o'clock last night." "Yes?" inquired Craig. "Did he see or hear anything?" Leslie nodded. "Early in the evening there must have been a woman who visited Wilford," he hastened. "Who was she?" "The tenant doesn't know." "Did he see her?" "No. He remembers hearing a voice on the other side of the d

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